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Wooden Flooring

Sports Flooring
Generally the sports floor is referred as sprung floor that absorbs shocks and gives you a smoother feel. These kinds of floors are considered the best suitable…

Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl tile is a finished flooring material used primarily in commercial, residential and institutional applications.Modern vinyl floor tile is wise choice…

Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring has a significant growth, it become much popular among people. Laminate flooring renders a rich and real look of wooden floors.

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Looking for creative Wooden Flooring in Coimbatore?

This is your destination point. Here you are inn Idea Interiors to fulfill your flooring ideas. When you are thinking about wooden flooring plenty of ideas will come across through your mind. Do you know why? Wood is a common choice for people because of its durability, aesthetics, environmental appeal and more over it is restorable. Typically wooden floor is manufactured from timber and also from bamboo. We offer different types of wooden flooring such as Laminate wooden flooring, Hardwood flooring, or engineered wooden flooring.

Astonishing Laminate Wooden Flooring Trends

Why not? Laminate flooring has a significant growth, it become much popular among people. Laminate flooring renders a rich and real look of wooden floors. You can see that your beautiful floors will not scratch, even if your kids and pets tend to make any stains or wreckage. Mainly, it is easier to install when compared to other traditional methods. Moreover if a single plank is damaged, it can usually be replaced relatively easily .Lamination patterns varies according to their thickness as 8mm,12mm,14mm, if thicker the lamination then floor will be stronger, durable and noise reduction. Apart from other accessories the installation cost may varies from 60 to 120 rs per square feet. Most laminate floors come with a manufacturer warranty from which you can get an idea of how long the material last. Idea Interiors helps you to select the colors and design according to your ideas which will create a nice atmosphere as your wish and also we serves you with leading brands like Dakks, Pergo, and Green Ply and so on.

Is it hard to furnish your home with Hardwood flooring?

Not at all. Let’s take a look on Idea Interiors; you can see ample of hardwood patterns with attractive shades to décor your home. Natural aesthetics and lasting durability makes hardwood flooring popular among people. The adorable appeal of hardwood flooring is in its rich look and the value it adds to your home. Hardwood floors can last for generations, so they don’t need to be replaced as often as other flooring options. Generally, Solid hardwoods floors are made of planks milled from a single piece of timber. They’re non-allergenic but they will react to changes like moisture and extreme temperatures. Keep in mind that since it’s a natural product if you’re not careful, pet claws can leave scratches or marks. Last but not the least; the installation cost depends on the quality of planks, size of the planks, thickness of the planks and its accessories such as trims and moldings. Idea Interiors exhibit some leading brands like Quick step, First step, and Green ply and so on to ease your job.