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False Ceiling

Grid Ceiling
ceiling panels are interlocked into each other forms a grid like ceiling surface. These types of ceilings have a key panel which is in the corner…

Wooden Ceiling
Do you want to make your interiors a classy look? Then tune up your ceilings. Wooden ceiling is a perfect choice for you…

Gypsum Ceiling
Gypsum is a mineral found in sedimentary rocks. It is used to make wall-boards and other plaster products for residential…

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Make your ceiling adorable with our false ceilings

Your home or office space reflects your personality. Sometimes even ceilings echo your character and style. False ceilings is a trendy part in modern construction and architecture. It is well-known in both residential and commercial purpose. It is also known as dropped ceiling, suspended ceiling. Generally, false-ceiling is a secondary ceiling, which hung below the main ceiling; it creates a hollow space between under the main ceiling and top of the dropped ceilings. If you have a plan to concealing under surface of the main ceiling, so this void space can be used for plumping, wiring, light fittings or it can be allotted for the HVAC purpose. Drop ceiling can be used to hide the structural damage and also it can provide fire control functionality. Today different types of false ceilings are available in the market such as PVC ceiling, Aluminum ceiling, Wooden ceiling, Gypsum ceiling, Thermocol ceiling etc. Idea Interiors have array of classy, colorful and artistic collections of false ceiling designs that allure your eyes.

Benefits of false ceiling

Maintain Acoustics

Main objective of false ceiling is to maintain and control the acoustic balance. A noisy room can create an annoying and uninviting atmosphere. Drop ceilings have a power to sound absorption and reduction.


Contemporary false ceiling was initially mended to hide the infrastructure like plumbing, and wiring or other duct works and also it is a tricky way to mask your structural damages. For many years, drop ceiling was made by normal white tiles, but now a day you have ample of options in size, colors, materials, textures, shapes.

Better sustainability

It is a good practice to have false ceiling since it is energy efficient. This type of ceiling can reflect the daylight as well as maintains the thermal comfort and ventilation. This can be incorporated with mechanical, electrical and plumping process. Above all it is recyclable or reusable material.