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Venetian Blinds

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Versatile Venetian blinds

Are you looking for a contemporary substitute to curtains? Venetian blinds are perfect for your modern home. The versatileness of Venetian blinds for windows makes them an elegant and stylish way to let the right amount of light into your space, meanwhile it creates a perfect amount of privacy also. Venetian blinds are a worthwhile option with a neat and simple design that offers maximum privacy. A Venetian blind come in a wide variety of styles to fit any decor need. They are easy to maintain and functional, their neat appearance making them a good choice for any home.

Their simple, streamlined design makes them perfect for a variety of rooms from bedrooms, lounges, kitchens etc. Choose from lightweight aluminium which is apt for your home or office or wooden blinds for lounges and bedrooms. Idea Interiors have a wide range of colours, patterns and sizes to choose from, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your home.

Styles of Venetian blinds

Slat material and width are your main concerns while choosing Venetian blinds style:

Slat width: Based on the material, slat widths generally range from an inch to 3½ inches. If your slats are wider, then they can block more light likewise the thickness of the slats depends on your aesthetic preference.

Vinyl: vinyl blinds are light in weight, flimsy and come in various colors and styles, which include embossed designs or aesthetic wooden finishing. They tend to feature smaller slat sizes, least expensive and are also one of the more durable options.

Aluminium: It explores great quality with a lightweight style. Even though they are more expensive than vinyl; they also come in a wide range of sizes, colors and finishes.

Faux wood: If you really love the wood look but are afraid of your slats might warp, fade or crack, and then you should go with faux wood. They are available in various slat sizes, easy to clean and moisture resistant.

Real wood: You can have a natural aesthetics to your room with real wood. Wooden Venetian blinds are less in weight than their faux wood, but they are the most expensive option.