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Wood wallpaper

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Give a touch of Mother Nature for your walls with Wood wallpaper

Wood wallpaper is perfect choice for inducing a rustic feel to any interior setting. The realistic wood print creates a textured illusion and thus making an eye-catching element to replenish every wall in a bedroom or living room. With a large selection of shades and styles, this kind of wallpaper complements a ragged interior decor, transforming itself to the charming features of wooden beams, tree trunks and wooden boards. Since wood is a natural resource it always creates a sense of harmony.

Faux wood wallpapers are highly realistic which bring warmth and comfort to any room. They provide a symbol of the purity of Mother Nature for your walls, establishing the importance of closeness to the roots of life. Wood imitation wallpaper is always let you with comfort, just like a warming open fire.

Wood breathes and works for long years even the tree has been felled. This is one of the reasons why wooden paneling is so popular. Idea Interiors have trendy collections of natural wood hues and exquisite wood patina effect wallpapers. Discover our wood effect wallpapers, with wood-grain effects or wooden plank look. Wood wallpapers are wise choice of interior design elements that help to club modernism with a classier feel, natural style. Wood will never go out of fashion, can be used to feature any type of walls which complement any style.