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Roller Blinds

  • Best Roller Blinds Shops and Dealers in Coimbatore

Roller blinds is a good choice for any window treatment. Roller blinds can filter the penetrating sunlight out by maintaining the outside view. Roller shades are also a wise choice for adding privacy to any room. Just pull them down, sit and relax by enjoying the light from your windows. Idea Interiors gives a wide range of roller blinds from simple to decorative, with quality materials and high end accessories.

How it works?

A roller blinds allows you to adjust the length of your window covering by using a spring mechanism that hangs across the top of the window. This small feature contributes to the clean and stylish look that sets roller shades apart from other window treatments. We can find a variety of fabrics for maintain the opacity. When your roller blind are down you may able to see out of the window, but it is a bit difficult when someone looks from outside.

Determine the right size of your Roller Blinds

The amount of vertical space that you need is depends on whether you choose inside- or outside-mount roller blinds. If it is an inside-mount blind, measure the inside of the window frame from top to bottom and from left to right, the same for depth. For an outside-mount blind, measure it from where you plan to hang the shade to where you would like it to drop, and then measure from side to side.