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PVC Blinds

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PVC Blinds that suits for your Interior as well as Exterior

PVC Blinds are installed to the outside or inside of your window or patio to block the sun light partially before they reach your interior space, makes your room cool and effectively reduces the air-conditioner costs. It is more effective way to stopping heat instead of using interior shading products like residential window tinting and glass film. PVC window blinds provide day-time privacy while still allowing natural light and visibility on the inside. It can reduce your interior temperature as much as possible by preventing the harmful UV rays and dropping the humidity.

They are designed to be long lasting and durable in extreme hot climatic conditions and they can even be left up through the penetrating winter. These blinds also help us to avoid the glare meanwhile it will allow lots of ambient light to enter. The PVC Blinds can help to prevent the door, window, furniture and other valuable things in your interior from sunlight. The blinds can be easily cleaned by using a damp cloth. It can save your inner porch from rain & wind.

PVC blinds can be used for either interior and exterior spaces of your home or office space without complementing the beauty of your space. Idea Interiors have a large collection of qualitative PVC blinds which ranges from different shades and patterns. Browse to see more collections on PVC blinds for windows.