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Thread Curtains

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Make your space trendier with Thread Curtains

Thread curtains or some may refer as String Curtains has become a trending fashion on now a day’s owing to their overall functionality and design element. Bringing this trend into proper usability, Idea Interiors has brought to you these elegant thread curtain models, which will immediately add stylishness and spaciousness to your interior space. These string curtains offers you its intense and soft look, which will increase the sophistication levels of your home up by a notch. These Thread curtains have been designed intelligently with charming hues so that long doors can be covered easily. The beautiful and stunning transparent fabric makes it a durable, fuss free addition for all kinds of space.

By following the trends of luxury hotels, restaurants and conference hall string curtains are one of the latest “must have” room accessories. These types of Curtains can be used over doors and windows, an alternative to net or voile, room dividers, wall features, a divide between seating areas in nightclubs and bars, also to divide between dining and kitchen in open plan rooms. Take a look and transform your room into a glamorous spot, the possibilities are endless with Idea Interiors!