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Zebra Blinds

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Choosing blinds for your windows can be a daunting task. You may have a lot of tricky questions. Do they suits with the other decor of rest of the room?  Do they give a trendy look from the outside? How easy are they to clean and maintain? Are they energy efficient? Will it affordable for me? Idea Interiors Zebra blinds provide answer for all those tricky questions. We have both trendy and cost-effective blinds offered at attractive prices.

Make your windows unique

Zebra blinds are one of the latest trends in light filtering window treatments. It also helps in controlling the amount of light and providing the privacy that you want in your room. Its renders a contemporary look and adds a stylish effect to your living room, bedroom or office space. Its twin cell material delivers privacy you desired and keeps you energy efficient by keeping your room cool and dry. Their twin cell like material gives excellent insulation and saves your electricity bills. The double cells block air and drive back the summer heat or winter cold, makes you to stay comfort. The shades are made from high quality fabric that will not tear, treated to resist stains and minimize dust build-up. In the second strip those colored backing assures you a uniform appearance from the outside. When it raised and stacks neatly, they give you a clear view.