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Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds are one of the great modern alternatives to drapes and curtains. It contains slats that run top to bottom and left to right, they provide maximum control…

Venitian Blinds
Venetian blinds are perfect for your modern home. The versatileness of Venetian blinds makes them an elegant and stylish way…

Wooden Blinds
Wooden blinds offer a warm and pleasing feel to any interiors, their natural look cheers us.Richly stained or printed, wooden blinds are a modern alternative…

Roman Blinds
Roman blinds are an excellent way of window treatment because of its textural appeal and visually pleasing, there is no option that complements to Roman…

Roller Blinds
Roller blinds are a good choice for any window treatment. Roller blinds can filter the penetrating sunlight out by maintaining the outside view. Roller shades…

Zebra Blinds
Choosing blinds for your windows can be a daunting task. You may have a lot of tricky questions. Do they suits with the other decor of rest of the room?…

Bamboo Blinds
Bamboo blinds are one of the traditional ways to housing and decorating window. Bamboo blinds are made up of natural a bamboo or cane wood which comes…

PVC Blinds
PVC Blind are installed to the outside or inside of your window or patio to block the sun light partially before they reach your interior space, makes your room cool…

Motrozied Blinds
If you have a plan to buy window blinds for your home improvements. Think on invest in the widely used cutting-edge technology?…


Blinds: Trendy and Perfect window treatment

Window Blind is one of the simplest ways to dress up your windows, which is easy to maintain and visually pleasing. Window blind’s are particularly made for covering the windows. Typically, blind’s are made up of horizontal or vertical flakes of materials like wood, plastic, bamboo which are clutched together by chords through those flakes. Window blind can be operated by using various control systems either by a remote control or by manual. Window blind fetches a new ambience to your space.

Window blind’s for every season

Apart from aesthetics they block out the sunlight, we can have a control over the light reaches and make our space brighter or darker. Window blind maintains a comfortable temperature by reducing heat caused by the sunlight. Window blind keeps away you from the penetrating chill wind and piercing snow in winter nights. Above all they provide you with the privacy that you needed.

Blind’s are much ease to handle

Generally, blind require only very little maintenance when compared to other options. This is why blind has been used in office space since from the long period. Blind’s are easy to install and it doesn’t take that much space and more over blind’s are affordable. Window blind can be rolled up easily and stored above the window pane. You can clean up the blind flakes by using a soft piece of cotton cloth without having any cleanser.

Types of Window blind

Finally all you want for your interior is just a click away. Browse through Idea Interiors for having amazing collections of blind such as Roller blind, Shangri-la blind, Roman blind, Venetian blind, Bamboo blind, PVC blind etc. We have a professional blind installation and repairing teams, their service will be available for you always.

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