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Vertical Blinds

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A wise choice for your windows

Vertical blinds are one of the great modern alternatives to drapes and curtains. It contains slats that run top to bottom and left to right, they provide maximum control over the sunlight and privacy, moreover that they are easy to maintain. You can rotate your vertical blind to allow the right quantity of sunlight to enter inside while giving you an incredible shade.These vertical blind saves your thermal energy and help to cut your heating bills.

Idea Interiors have wide ranging collection of vertical blinds which is perfectly suits for large and small windows in your home and office and gives you the choice of many textures, patterns and colours.

Are vertical blinds suits for my space?

Like their name propose, these blinds have vertical slats instead of horizontal slats which can be swivel open or closed and can be pulled to the sides of the window. Since they are vertical by design, they can help in adding height to space which has low ceilings, and also they work well with sliding glass or bay windows. Since they collect less dust they are easy to clean.

Length and width proportion

Slats vary from 3 inches to 7 inches, so to choose a style which is matching to the size of your window. Vertical blinds for windows should cover the entire window to provide maximum privacy and light control. If you are choosing an inside- or outside-mount style, determine the total amount of vertical space that you need. For inside mount, it measures the inside of the window frame from top-bottom and from left-right, as well as the depth of the window. For outside mount, it measure from where you plan to hang the blind to where you would like it to drop it, as well as from side-side.