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3D Wallpaper
Now a day’s Three-dimensional or 3D wallpaper are used extensively for enhancing an area of your wall decorations…

3d Murals
Adorn you walls with classy 3DMural wallpapers from Idea Interiors.We have a wide range of mural collections which comprises of ethnic murals, tile murals…

Kid’s Room Wallpaper
As we all know, kids grow up in the blink of an eye. On the other hand in that short amount of time, sure they do need a lot of things from their toys…

Religious wallpaper
Intimacy and Divinity together can be achieved in many ways. Prayer is one of the ways. Praying is an act of worship…

Customized Wallpaper
Customized wallpaper creates a fresh and unique ambiance to your home or office space. If you are a person with creative ideas…

Abstract Wallpaper
Abstract art is becoming a trendy design component for top most interiors designers all over the world…

Texture Wallpaper
Different walls have different moods. Sometimes it can be a particular texture pattern that you are looking for…

Natural Wallpaper
Give your interior decor a natural look and feel with our Nature Wallpapers. This collection of wall murals will satisfy all your desires for escape and great outdoors…

Designer Wallpaper
Designer Wallpapers are one of the best solutions for home decorators those wore are much conscious about style. Your home or office space gets enhanced…

Stone Wallpaper
The stone wallpapers give the room an uplifting feeling of strength and comfort as well as it brings a little bit of rustic nature into our home…

Sports Wallpapers
Get in the game and capture the spirit of your favorite sports onto your walls. With these collections of wallpapers you may feel as you are in the middle of the action…

Wall Decals
Nothing can make a house to feel like home than an art or paintings. It can enhance the adorableness of your home. The headway in home décor introduces…

Wall Graphics
You can renovate any space,without taking into account how small or large. Photographs, paintings are pretty good, but they will not make a big hit…

Wood Wallpaper
Wood effect wallpaper is perfect choice for inducing a rustic feel to any interior setting. The realistic wood print creates a textured illusion…

Patterns and Panels Wallpaper
Staring at a blunt wall with no element of design can be boring. Splashing of some hues can give only temporary relief to your eyes…


Wall needs much more

Yes, when it comes for interior decors wall needs something more than usual. Wallpapers create a great impact for your wall space. Covering your wall with wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to add impression to your rooms. From ancient eras itself people used to furnish their walls with wallpapers, it is believed that Chinese invented the wallpaper because of two reasons. Foremost thing is paper and the second is glue both are invented by them. In this modern era there are too many wallpaper models it ranges from 3d wallpapers to customized wallpapers.

If you are selecting a wallpaper make sure that, those wallpapers should complements your interior décor in such a way that it must suits to size and shape of your room. While choosing wallpapers keep this in mind, sometimes horizontal patterns will make your room wider, whereas vertical patterns will makes your ceiling taller. We know that each room has meant for different purpose. So selecting the right wallpaper that your wall loves is not a simple task.

Idea Interiors are experts in wallpaper fixing. Our expertise is here to guide you for selecting the apt wallpaper that suits your space. We have a plenty of wallpaper designs and themes that fulfill your ideas and desire.

Is it easy to fix the wallpapers?

Self adhesive wallpaper is easy to fix, you can simply peel the back off and gently stick the wallpaper in your space which you have planned to fix it. Pre-pasted wallpapers are also easy, since they are overlaid with adhesive, by using water you can activate it. These types of wallpapers are easy to remove, simply peel it off with water or other mild chemical solutions.

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