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Openable Mosquito Net Doors

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Get out of from the fetid mosquito coils and liquids

It is the time to come out of from the traditional mosquito coils and mats. Studies reveal that the continuous usage of mosquito coils can cause respiration problem and other dreadful diseases. Idea Interiors offer a contemporary Mosquito net doors which fulfills your aesthetic desire and also provides protection against Mosquitoes or other insects.

Try out Mosquito net doors

Sleek design and easy operation of our Mosquito door make a new definition to your windows and doors. Mosquito net doors are very effective, innovative and trendy thus adds beauty to your window. We offer very durable, affordable and sophisticated protection against insects or mosquitoes. These doors have toughened solid kick plate to prevent scuffing or damage, and a central push bar in the hinged version which can be setup over new as well as existing doors & windows. They are available in two models Sliding Doors or Hinged Doors. They are available in various colors like white, brown or natural aluminum finish.

Idea Interiors have hands-on experience in the field of installing Mosquito nets and screens. We are dealing with popular brands like Phifer, Saint-Gobain and Netlon. The aesthetic design, high-end material and our professional workmanship will provide you with good results that value your money and time.