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Stone Wallpaper

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Back to stone age with Stone wallpapers!

In ancient periods humans have used stone to build their homes and shelters, so seeing this kind of wallpaper come into fashion is not at all a surprise. The stone wallpapers for walls give the room an uplifting feeling of strength and comfort as well as it brings a little bit of rustic nature into our home without having any of the negative effects like letting in cold and hot. Stone wallpapers are great for creating featured walls in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms and you can choose from a mix of natural stone, slate, marble and brick designs.

Stone effect wallpaper has become popular in recent years. They create a dramatic look, which suits well for your living room, bed room or den. It add sophisticated look and feel to your space as you bringing the harmony of nature with the stunning look of stone. The dazzling appeal of faux stone wallpaper adds life to your walls and unique design without having high cost and labor that comes with real stone.

Idea Interiors have a huge selection of qualitative non-woven stone effect wallpapers. Browse us to see more collections and opt from them, so that you can have a genuine look that enhances the wall in your home.