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Wooden Ceiling

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Stay Eco-friendly with Wooden Ceiling

Do you want to make your interiors a classy look? Then tune up your ceilings. Wooden ceiling is a perfect choice for you. The Wood Ceiling is the second unlock-able ceiling. This ceiling provides visual appeal as well as it gives protection from thermal insulation. Wood can give elegant look because of their textures, or it can be painted to get the right look. Sometimes they can be treated to increase their durability. Once if the first wooden slat is placed, then consequent wooden slat can snap into place along the first one, allowing them to line up. Wooden Ceiling is craft-able and replaceable even-though they can be placed on top of 4 Wooden Pillars, they can also act as a floor for a second story. This type of ceiling requires support from a nearby foundation or pillar in order to be placed properly. The ceilings on the far ends of this setup will not be able to support walls which means you cannot place a pillar in the middle of a ceiling.If a ceiling is damaged, any building pieces that rely on it for support will be destroyed as well. But it will not get damaged easily since wood has great lifespan compared to other methods.  

Wooden false ceiling transform your space into an imperial castle. The rich traditional gaze renders you a most wonderful experience. Browse Idea Interiors to see more on various trendy wooden ceiling styles which makes your ceiling adorable.