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Grid Ceiling

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 Aesthetic Grid ceiling

A typical dropped ceiling consists of a grid-type of metal gutters or channels in the shape of an upside-down ‘T’, suspended on wires above from the structure. These metal channels clutch together in a regular pattern of cells. After that each cell is then filled with light-weight ceiling tiles or panels which constitutes into a grid like style and pattern. In this type of ceiling panels are interlocked into each other forms a grid like ceiling surface. These types of ceilings have a key panel which is in the corner, by removing this key panel the remaining panel can be removed one by one. This type of ceiling is mostly used in the places where access to the above ceiling is restricted. Grid ceiling is classified into two;

EXPOSED GRID CEILING-In some buildings, it is possible to avoid a well finished ceiling and instead of that we can see a simply exposed structural and mechanical component of the building to the interior. This gives the advantage over economy and eases of access or maintenance.

CONCEALED GRID CEILING-Concealed grid systems use the acoustical tiles to hide the grid from end-users view. This creates a neat ambiance which is aesthetically pleasing.

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