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Gypsum Ceiling

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Alluring Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum is a mineral found in sedimentary rocks. It is used to make wallboard’s and other plaster products for residential and commercial applications. Wallboard is also known as dry wall, it is a layer of gypsum pack in between two sheets of thick paper. Drywall can be combining with wood or metal. Gypsum ceiling are used in false ceiling since they provide aesthetics, fire resistant and acoustic property. They are easy to install and affordable also. Gypsum ceilings are prone to moisture conditions so it is not advisable in bathrooms and dank basements. 

Features of Gypsum Ceiling

Since it is lightweight, flexible, fire resistant and moisture resistant, gypsum is most commonly used for false ceiling. Gypsum panels are tough, versatile and affordable, and can be replaced fast like other ceiling materials such as Plaster Of Paris. Gypsum can be used not only for constructing false ceiling but also to renovate your old ceilings. It allows creating various patterns and designing such as plain, curved, stepped, pelmet, drop design, etc.Since gypsum is non-resonant it can act as sound insulator, because of this it is considered as the most preferred material for false ceiling. When gypsum exposed to fire, it gives out water, and it is converted to steam and thus helps to resist fire. This makes the gypsum ceiling fireproof. Generally a gypsum panel can have tapered or square edges. Panels with tapered edge are used for ceiling because it fills the gap between each edge, to give a smooth surface. Square edges can be used but the visibility of the joints is a requirement.

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