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Door Curtains
Dress up your doors in style with the most sophisticated door curtains that will intensively beautify and complement the overall décor of the room…

Sheer Curtains
If you love to have a bright and cheerful home which is full of sunlight? Then choose sheer curtains, which let the sunshine into your life…

Window Curtains
Most of us love our outdoors, but sometimes we need to keep away outside features, like sunlight, residues and some curious eyes, out…

Window valance is an easy way to add some extra beauty to your windows as well as it hides any unappealing curtain rods or other hardware’s…

In general the word Drapery refers to cloths or textiles. In another way it may refer to cloth used for decorative purpose such as around windows, large opera stages…

Blackout Curtains
Generally Blackout curtains refers to foam backed, dense fabric used to block out the light. It uses very tightly woven fabric or lined fabrics, usually in multiple layers…

Thread Curtains
Thread curtains or some may refer as String Curtains has become a trending fashion on now a day’s owing to their overall functionality and design element…

Ready-made Curtains
Curtains help you to set the tone of each room apart from keeping your privacy. Idea Interiors charming collection of readymade curtains…

Stitching Models
Idea interiors offer you amazing various Stitching Models for the curtains that suites your taste and space with pleasant ambience…


Curtains that suits your taste

Curtains can be an excellent way to add up the look of your interiors, it reflects your style and taste. They bring an extra dimension and style to your room, and also it softens your harsh and blunt window edges. We can say that curtain are one of the best window treatments if you are looking to control the excessive amount of sunlight or preventing the dust from outdoors these curtain do the magic without spoiling the decorating appeal of your rooms. Additionally they can absorb sounds which make you annoying and also it retains your privacy by keeping out preying eyes from the outsiders! Curtain keeps your privacy by giving a sophisticated look for your space.

Curtain can be categorized based on their usage and their pleated styles. In living room, we may choose some solid colors or bright textured patterns which matches with our furniture. For a bed room you can have beautiful pleasant colored printed drapes or valance that enrich the look and feel. For having privacy in your space you can choose sheer curtain, which has a trendy look and keeps you out from peeping eyes. Furthermore, some people may choose pleated curtain like French pleated, pinch pleated, pencil pleated for giving a western touch for interiors.

Idea Interiors have abundant collections of curtains ranging from window curtain, door curtain, sheers, drapes, valance, pleated curtains and so on. We serve you with best quality fabrics and high end curtain accessories such as curtain rods, curtain brackets, rings etc.

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